Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas saga begins

Thus starts the hell known as Christmas.... Lets begin.

1) Yesterday, it was close to 45 degrees and rain. Yeah, that puts you in the Christmas mood (pic to come)

2) Last minute shopping all around... next year, we start in July. I'm not kidding.

3) The washing machine is broke. It won't spin. Shit.

4) I have a cold.

5) I get woken up at 5 am "mom, i had a bad dream". No wonder, its windy as hell out there and would freak me out too. Consolation - Dr. Who dream... (sorry honey)

6) I wake up again at 8 am to a blizzard lite. Wind, snow.. bleh. At least we get a white Christmas (thats is a plus... I hate green Christmases)

On the upside - the food is all made for today, the presents are wrapped and I only have to finish 4 gifts (all to be given after Christmas - yes Sam, that means you). On the downside, I have to get the washing machine fixed.. bye bye $200.... damn.

Its only 9 am on Christmas eve and well, I give up. Breakfast, shower, head out and be at mom's house by 3 pm or so. Where is my coffee????

1 comment:

Face on Fire said...

Xmas in July is totally acceptable. Especially since that's when I'll have the time and money as well, it seems :-)

Love you, missed you terrible for the holidays...