Monday, December 31, 2007

Week in review

I had a few moments this evening to not be tackled by the 4 year old so I dumped the pictures on the camera... Finally!

Lets back track to Christmas eve. I made 20+ placzeks (a coffee cake). Yah Saran Wrap.

The day before Christmas eve it was 40 degrees and raining.

Me and Mom - We have Christmas Eve at her house every other year. She hates her picture being taken. Dinner is meatless (fish, pierogi, mac and cheese)

Tim got himself Guitar Heros 3 for the PC. I have lost him to the game (GHW - Guitar Hero Widow). Erin decided to be his groupie and took photos of him "rocking out"

And finally - while the girls were playing Webkinz tonight, I ate dinner and recycled the Christmas cards. I hate buying tags since they are always the same. The cards we had are so pretty, I hate throwing them out. I cut some and glued colored paper to the back and WHAM! Home made Christmas Gift tags.

I made like 25 of them and some are so stinking cute.
So now its 8:40 pm and I have had 3 bottles of Woodchuck, chips, dip and some cookies. A random movie is going in and I'm texting Lil. If I sit and do nothing, I will pass out. I am not a fan of New Year's eve unless I'm at a party with the Hubby (oh, the fond memories of Chez Jim). He's heading out and I'm pulling the kid watch. What other craft can I do before the new year??

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