Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How many days??

So here is the plan for the next week and a half (deep breath)....
Tonite - give in to the fact I do not have the time to make Truffles for Investiture . Sad as it sounds, I just don't have the time. So, I will plan out the baking for Sunday tonite.

Thursday - Pick up plants from school, work and then watch the kids (I love the kids.. I hope Lex makes me Soup!)

Friday - Get stuff together for Saturday and stop feeling like shit (stupid cold). Ship Val's gift and get Mom's present

Saturday - Relax at Investiture (ha!). Maybe I can sneak out and get his stocking stuff after Dinner (please be done by 6:30!!)

Sunday - while Hubby is out Shopping, Erin and I will get Baking stuff and start making some Placzek and cookies.

Monday - Work lots and finish the X-mas presents

Tuesday - all day meeting and food is provided (remember to bring said Placzek).

Wednesday - Work lots more

Thursday - 1pm and 6 pm - SCHOOL PLAY... BRING VIDEO CAMERA!!

Friday - Bake 24 mini Placzeks and a few more big ones..

Saturday - freak out and get/make food for Xmas Eve

Sunday - get stuff together for Xmas Eve

Monday - Freak out more and have a drink FINALLY

Tuesday - Watch my Kid scream with delight at what Santa brought

Wednesday - Dentist appt for the kid then DO NOTHING BUT PLAY TILL JAN 2nd!!

is it over yet?

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