Saturday, January 15, 2011

stocking up

I ventured out today to accomplish a long over due task. We call it "Big Shopping".  I'm talking stocking up on meat and staples.  Especially paper products like paper towels and bathroom paper.  

So I braved the snow and yuck this morning (while Tim took Erin to her first Swimming lesson).  First stop was BJs Warehouse.  I really only needed 5 things... TP, paper towels, 2 kinds of cheese and Tim's meds.   I ended up grabbing some extras to save $$ - like drink boxes...  better get them there than pay thru the nose in the store.  Mission 1 accomplished.  

Off to Target.  Note to self - avoid Target on Saturdays.  Women there are nuts!  Talking the phone, not paying attention to what they are doing in the aisle.  I needed only 1 thing really - had coupons for a few more..  walked out with my Biore strips (Facial night!), Kleenex  and a sweatshirt for only $3.75. 75% off!!  SCORE!!  Mission #2 done.

Final stop Wegmans.  List in hand, I tried to stick to it best I could.  Only wavered a bit.  All in all, we have enough food to last us a month.  Coupons really didn't make a dent... I wish veggies and meat had coupons.  

A MONTH!!!!! 

With any luck, I will only have to buy Milk, bread , Lunch meat and maybe some veggies.  Thats it.  Heck, I can make bread if I wanted.  I have no issues with no lunch meat either ( but tell that to the 7 year old, not gonna happen).  I am content with PB&J or raman or soup.  

To make it even more fun, I drove home in a snow storm.   BRING IT ON MOTHER NATURE!!!  I have food, TP and Booze.. I am good to go.  'cause really, what more do you need?

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