Thursday, February 16, 2012

Buh Bye Sugar

We (Tim and I) always give up Chocolate and candy like snack things for Lent.  We do it too.  Now, its not been an issue the last few years as I don't tend to keep Candy in the house - except for the bucket of sweets Erin gets from parties, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter..  we are usually munching on Halloween candy well into the fall.

Well this year I'm taking it one step further.  No Sugar (Working on refined white sugar first).  So no sugar in Coffee. No Candy. No Chocolate.  The issue is with coffee creamer.  I use various ones that tend to have the sweeteners in it (come on, its Hazelnut).  Nope.. they must go.  I need keep on hand 2% milk.. Skim doesn't cut it for coffee.  

The other issue issue is with all the High Fructose additive that gets added to just about everything.  I started reading labels over the last few months and I was floored.  No wonder good high quality natural food taste "different".  

I've taken some steps already. I've decreased the amount of sugar in my coffee (some days I don't put any in).  Tea is being made and I'm working to use no sugar at all - the German Rock Sugar is used but just a smidge to sweeten it a bit.  I found a wonderful Acai Blueberry Green tea at RiteAid of all places.  and I drink it Hot too!! I know!! ODD!!

I know some of you are asking why (Mom, I know.. I know).  The reason - just cause. Sure, there are all the reports of how Sugar should be regulated like alcohol, but that won't happen.  I just want to see if I can do it.   Tim and Erin's birthday will be interesting but I'll manage.  


Mare said...

I would love to give up Sugar. evil. but good. and I'm so anti High fructose corn syrup. this country is so screwed up. the companies that make deals with politicians have no concern for the health of our country, money is all that matters. the vast majority of consumers have no idea this stuff is going on, that this disgusting, man made FAT BUILDER is being inserted in otherwise decent food.

How long did you last, are you still working on it? I have to admit, I'm lazy. which makes me worse than those folks who are unaware, because I know and I still don't eliminate it from my diet and that of my kid.

Melissa Hannon said...

I cut out a significiant amount.. couldn't drop it 100%. There is not sugar in my coffee now.. I drink hot tea without sugar (working on the cold). But I am a sucker for chocolate...