Saturday, February 11, 2012

We LIVE Hockey.. its Buffalo!!

Me and the girl child at a Sabre's hockey game.  This is something I am very fortunate to be able to do for her. I won the tickets and when I can win them, I take her.  I never went to a hockey game as a kid because the tickets were so expensive.  So are these ones.  There is NO WAY I'd buy tickets to see a game in the seats we have (they are really nice seats... just about center ice).  

But what kills me is the price of the food.  $4 for just about all the food and pop.  $4 for a freaking bottle of pop.  Really?  But hey..  I take her maybe once or twice a season so I will splurge on it.  But anyone who has season tickets...  how the heck can you afford to eat there?

And parking????  $15 -$20 for parking right near the arena.  You can chance it by parking near the arena on the side streets but with the recent snow, that was going to be a challenge.  So our other option was to park further North near the convention center and either park free on the street on in the ramp. We had to go with the ramp because all the free parking was taken (Auto show was going on too!).  $5 for parking isn't so bad.  And we got to take the train down which is always an adventure for the kiddo.  

All in all, we had a good night.  Girls night at the Hockey game.  Now, we defrost. Its cold out there!

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