Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Veggie Yumminess

I don't care if Yumminess isn't a word.  It is now.  I made myself lunch today consisting of veggies.
Carrots. Red and Green Pepper. Potato. Zucchini.  Toss it in a bit a olive oil and add Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle (it has everything I love so its my go to).  Roast for about 20 min at 425 degrees.

YUM! Freaking YUM!  The carrots were way sweeter than I thought they would be nothing was over or undercooked.   I'd say this was about 2 cups of veggies.

See Mom! I Ate my Veggies!!

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Mare said...

that looks and sounds absolutely delicious. I see in a newer post that you tried tofu; while reading this I thought i bet Tofu would be good to add to this?? I have to go read your tofu post.

and Yumminess is SOOOOoooooo a word.

Melissa Hannon said...

This was good by itself. Need to make it again for a side dish for dinner.