Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to reality

I went back to work after being off for nearly 2 weeks. Meh... its work. But, after much debating, I got off the butt today and plugged in Dance Dance Revolution for Wii. IT IS TOTALLY COOL!!! There is a Work out mode to track Calorie burn and yah know, it really does give you a work out (especially if you accidentally switch it to Basic from beginner) .

Ok - so there is motivation behind this. I really want to fit into a specific dress I saw at Banana Republic (damn you Charlie) and its a 12. I used to be a 12. Like 10 years ago. I can do it.

1) get off my ass
2) chase the kid more
3) walk the mall (but leave the CCs at home - window shop only),
5) Black coffee no sugar (I can do it... I can do it)
6) Water water water
7) No eating after 7pm

I can do this. I have to. I want to go shopping.

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Face on Fire said...

Right there with you babe,m although my goal is more about the cheesy thighs... Arrgh!

May I recommend ?

Good tracking tool for knowing what you're eating all day and has a searchable database for just about anything you can eat, including from some restuarants.

I just started yoga and weights again. Hang in there - it's all about health, right?