Monday, February 11, 2008

Chicken soup and Croup

We were planning on taking a sick day for Erin - she's got that croupy cough going on again. She's had this a few times in the past and its not as bad as you think. The first time is horrific. Now, she just sounds like a seal.

So the sick day was replaced with a snow day. Its 6 degrees with a -15 windchill. Yesterday night is was -1 degrees with a windchill of -23 there abouts.

In our early morning talks (typical of a 4 year old who can't sleep), I ask her if she wanted Chicken soup today. Silly me. Of course she does. The pot is on the stove and I'm just waiting for the chicken to boil before I throw some veggies in.

I love home made chicken soup. Especially on days like today.

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