Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hi! My name is..

We went to a party last night at Chuck E Cheese for the Daughter's friend. It was a school friend. This means an very uncomfortable setting. Moms don't know each other. We only know each other as so and so's Mom. We all have lost our identities as people.

I did really try but I am so aweful with names. I want to do what Harvey does,.. hand a card out with my name and contact info. All Moms should do this.

These are darling.

I found more only after searching for Mom Business cards!

At Cards for Mom, they have one with a heel graphic.. so cute.

A Touch of Whimsy Design
has some darling designs. I really like this one:

Event Bliss has Mom and Dad designs too

I'm getting 10 sample mini cards from MOO. I picked 10 photos from my Flickr account. I wish I had them last night.

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