Thursday, November 18, 2010

pottery junkie - Holiday Gift Ideas #1

This is part of my pottery addiction.  Only 4 pieces are missing.  I adore handmade pottery and I am fortunate to know several potterers.  

The newest addition is the Polish Pottery - the white and blue.  I won them at a basket raffle and boy was I lucky.  I used it last night and I couldn't have been happier.

The bowl on the top left was made by a local artist.  The Cup on the left was made by Dancing Pig Pottery and the little green/blue mug on the right was made by Hughes Pottery  

I adore these pieces and I really do use the mugs every day. So if you are thinking of getting something for the Holidays this year, why not consider hand made pottery.  They are unique and very well made. Don't hide them in a china cabinet...USE THEM!!

Note: These are not endorsement  at all.  I was not paid or contacted by these wonderful artists.  I just simply adore their work and a wanted to share some different Gift ideas for the Holidays.  Enjoy!

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