Thursday, November 18, 2010

martha Holiday Gift Idea #2

I hate Martha Stewart but at the same time, I love the stuff she and her staff come up with.  I suppose I hate her because I should have thought of the stuff first and I can't seem to get around to making the items I so covet.

I'm on the hunt for little things I can make with the kiddo for Christmas - little gifts or ornaments she can give to family and friends.  I saw this Pipe Cleaner Snowflake that would be awesome for her.

I took her new book out from the Library and I love it!

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia Of Sewing And Fabric Crafts: Basic Techniques For Sewing, Applique, Embroidery, Quilting, Dyeing, And Printing, Plus 150 Inspired Projects From A To Z

I have been flipping through this book and it would make a wonderful addition to any sewer or crafter's collection.  She explains the basics and provides some neat tips.  I do love the section on the Japanese embroidered linens.  Nothing in it overly complicated or things you just wouldn't use.  She covers Aprons, Curtains, dolls, stuffed animals, how to Applique, making sheets for your bed.... you get the idea?

Now, I think I need to go sew something.


Anonymous said...

When I was wee my favorite holiday gift, that fit all my friends' wide range of traditions and beliefs, was to take candy canes and apply little brown puff balls for noses, googlie eyes, and a bent around brown pipe cleaner for antlers to make Holiday Reindeer.

Mel said...

We did that with clothes pins. I also remember making the sleds out of Popsicle sticks. We used the alphabet noodles to put our names on them.

Mare said...

LOVE Snowflakes! Love these cute ornaments!!! hope we're getting one... :O)

Mel said...

Mares - Maybe... just maybe...