Saturday, November 13, 2010

totally worth it

Today was the crazy Community Days sale at the BonTon. Now, I'm not one to go to Black Friday, crazy super busy sales at any store. I don't like the crowds and I can never usually find anything. But I did have a $10 off coupon and I was looking for hankies. Some nice lady gave me another book so I had $20 total off. Nice.

Well, after wandering around for like 30 minutes, I found 1 thing. A plaid (browns) shirt for $15, normally $60. $60!!! um.. who spends that money on a flannel shirt. Well, I paid $5. So there.

I did find a nice flannel sheet set for us - Tim likes the one set we have but its pink. I got a green set for $29.99... yep, on sale and $10 off. Normally, this set is $80. Again, who spends $80 on sheets??

Last bit of luck was spent on a wool pea coat from London Fog. Normally $225. $70... yep.. And the blasted thing fit and has pockets and a hood and a scarf.

go me! I'm done. I have my oxford shoes, my pea coat and I finally figured out how to wear my hair in a 40's style.

So now I'm chilling - waiting for the kiddo to come home from the zoo. I am wearing my new flannel shirt, my new woolly lined flats and miraculously, my brown gauchos from ON.. which match the shirt. DOUBLE SCORE! I'm too cute to stay home.

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