Thursday, November 04, 2010

crazy cats and sneezing

I have to use 2 vacation days that I moved in order to complete some project at work. Yes, everything is scheduled for the month of December.

I opted to take today to clean the dining room as I have some 200 boxes of cookies coming tomorrow.

2 hours into the cleaning I can't stop sneezing (yes mom, I will dust more). While taking my break (and to blog this), my cats are going nuts. I tossed a wind breaker on the ground (yes yes yes, i know, why didn't you jut hang it up? 'cause its project #4.... so shush). Now, I'm watching Ribbon go nuts jumping onto the windbreaker - it makes noise. Spaz Kitty!!

Dining room is almost done. Laundry is started. Sigh... not how I wanted to spend my day off but I do get to spend it in peace and I meditate while I clean ... Ommmmm I will have a clean home..Ommmmm

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