Thursday, November 18, 2010

etsy local shopping - Holiday Gift Idea #3

I hate shopping at the malls for Christmas presents.  I'm rushed, I'm tired and I can't carry my coffee and my bags and my purse at the same time.  I will do short specific spurts to the mall ONLY IF I REALLY HAVE TO!.  I prefer to hit the Elmwood Village or shop online.

One of my favorite sites on etsy is a local shop - elm studios.  I remember like 2 years back at a craft show I saw the beautiful little containers.  So sweet and personal.  The work of Erin Lynne Meissner is always on my list of things to look at on etsy.

The breathe bowl is probably my favorite.  Here's a shot of it (no, I don't own it.. I covet it.  I need to remember to do that every so often - the shot is from her etsy site.. go there. really.  you'll love it)

again, in no way I am connected to the artists.  I'm simply tossing out different ideas for the holidays.  If I mention it, it must be good.  everyone should create. and i applaud these artists for doing what I can not.  with that, I'm going to snuggle up in my flannel sheets and read a book.  yes,  a real book.  with pages and a spine and ink.  

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