Thursday, January 10, 2008


After only a few hrs of sleep and a full day of work at home, not to mention a few loads of laundry, I think I have hit delirium.

I brought out the step and weights. 30 minutes later, I'm sweating. Doing some basic cardio to Access Hollywood or one of those other celeb shows makes you work harder. I want to look like that. I want to fit in the fabulous 1950's dresses. I don't want to be embarrassed in my swimsuit. I want to shop in Womens. Not the Womens Plus or whatever they call it. I'm done with it.

The cookies are going - yes, the yummy chocolate chips I made for Christmas are going. I will get used to Low Fat stuff. For years I only drank 2% and 1% Milk. Now, I can't go near the stuff. I only drink Skim. I can get used to low fat cheese. I will, I have to.

I do refuse to use the fake sugars. They make me sick. So, half a teaspoon in the coffee. Got it.

Soda Pop --- I need some help here. Honey, we can eat out, thats fine. Please help me NOT order a Coke. NO MORE POP. I just need to get more of the REAL LEMON powder stuff and i'll be good.

Enough of that, I'm going to watch some TV while the kid is asleep.

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Face on Fire said...

Yay Mel!

Just remember, include a bit of protein and fat with every meal. Trust me, you get satisfied faster. Hard part is picking out the good v. the bad. Lemme know if you want links - I gots tons of good sources for ideas.