Friday, January 25, 2008


Thank you US Government. Thank you. I can wait till May. I will gladly take the $1500. I will gladly spend $100 of it for myself, and the hubby and kid will some as well. But know this.

I want a house. I will squirrel away the remainder for a down payment on a house. Your plan to have all that money go back into the economy will happen. Eventually. I promise. A house needs furniture, paint, stuff..... so you see, by saving a little now, you will get more in the end.

Thank you US Government. Thank you. You have lessened my fear a bit about will I ever be able to get a house.

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Face on Fire said...

Yay house! Go you!

Have you checked out:

Not sure if its the best plan for you, but I recommend looking at it.

If I can help, let me know...