Sunday, October 15, 2006

The aftermath

Its now been 3 days -Friday we watched TV. Saturday, I made 3 gas runs to get Mom gas for the generator. Today, I'm going to loose it. Power isn't expected back on for NYSEG until Monday or Tuesday. National Grid until next weekend! Now, Mom and Dad don't have power - we suspect that NYSEG turned off the power to fix the rest of the grid they are on. I have a feeling they may do the same for us.

Amherst is still under a driving ban and has no power and most of Lancaster and Cheektowaga too. I have NO idea if DoodleBugs is going to be open tomorrow and I have no idea if the office is open. I hate not knowing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey babe! I hope it's warm again and the power is back on at Mom's house!

Thanks for posting the pics. Wow... I forgot what a snow laden sky looks like.