Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Its only Tuesday

Just got out of the dentist's office - 2 fillings and $39 later, I can't talk. Mouth is numb and I'm drooling. Joy. I hate the anxiety that surrounds dentists. Pain and money... ouch. But today, it was good. Dr. May was fantastic. I am actually not nervous about going next week. That must be a sign of the end.

Speaking of... I saw something today that made me laugh out loud. Near my office on Washington (i think), there is a club, Club Diablo. Yes. Its a goth like place. Now, the funny part is its 2 doors down from the Catholic Charities office. Need I say more?

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Brigid said...

I've noticed that too. Actually, i noticed that at 10am one morning while standing outside Club Diablo about to shoot a music video for my friends band. I felt very innappropriate standing near Catholic Charities in fishnets and red lipstick at 10am.