Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Look and a break

I know, I know.. I'm working on it. I'm not happy with it 100% yet either but its a start. I need to figure out the template that this is using (stylesheet based). I'm having an issue with the text right now so hang in there. Its a work in progress.. but its Halloween (Erin helped pick out the colors).

So yeah, I'm taking a break. 7 am today my daughter decides to throw up from coughing so hard (I get the same way). She wasn't right this morning so I kept her home just to be on the safe side - maybe catch up on some sleep. And she did - took a nap without me asking for an hour. Not bad. But, I've been working pretty much non-stop since 7:30 am. No lunch but I did take 10 minutes to prep dinner. Its amazing, I get more done when I work at home than I do when I'm in the office.

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