Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why not 1?

I think I have reached a new low in understanding the medical industry. Why can't there be an all inclusive woman's clinic where your doctor is not only your general Practitioner but your OB/GYN? Men get a single doctor - why can't women? Does it make any sense to have 2 sets of doctors? Many women experience issues during pregnancy that require their primary to intervene. More appointments, more waiting, more stress and aggravation. You have 2 (maybe more) doctors who don't see the big picture who don't really see what is wrong with you. Yeah, that makes me feel really comfortable.

And why do Medical office receptionists need to be so damned rude and mean? I called for a script so I can go to the dentist and I'm disgusted. Never have I been talked to in that manner. This is my fault? Please! Someone got up on the bitchy side today. There something called Customer Service. If you don't like you job lady, leave. Enough. You are the very reason why I don't go to doctors. Its hard enough to get an appointment but to get yelled at in the process.. no way.

On a side note - I talked to my Mom about the receptionist - its the Doctor's wife and she hates working there not to mention the fact the other girls in the office don't like her either. It still doesn't excuse her attitude.

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Brig said...

I have three doctors in one place (North Bflo Comm Health) and then three in another (Horizons.) I just found out that I can get rid the three at the place I dont like (NBCH)because they now have a full medical stafff at Horizons. This is as close to having one doctor as I will ever get, but at least theyre all at the same place. Plus, I know the receptionists, so they rarely get bitchy with me.