Thursday, October 26, 2006

It was a year without the Great Pumpkin?

With the aftermath of the October 12/13 storm, the latest news is that officals in the City and surrounding towns may cancel Halloween. Um. NO! Not in my book. My house will be lite and I'll be giving out Candy. Shame on you Officals. Shame on you. Do you think Parents are so stupid not use thier judgement on whether its safe to walk in thier neighborhoods? If parents says its OK, then 2 -1 they will be walking with the kids. Parents SHOULD be walking with the kids. Older kids should watch out for the younger ones and if the street is that bad, parents will probably take the kids to the Mall to go trick-or-treating.

For the kids who disobay or for the idiot parents who just don't care, those kids are out and about every night puting themselves in harms way. Halloween is just another night.

Halloween is going to happen - the majority of S. Buf is fine... I've got Resses, Hershery bars, Nerds and lots of the good stuff. I'll be outside waitning..

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