Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week in Review

Must be Saturday - I'm blogging. So, we have some important news from the world of Mel

1) My office will be moving - WE GET NEW DIGGS!: We're moving to the Larkin building - a historic building in Buffalo that used to be a soap factory and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was renovated a few years ago for a total of $65 million and well, it shows. Its a great building

2) Heading of to Virginia yet again - just a day trip but I'm not looking forward to it. 6am flight out and home around midnight.

3) Like some of my girlfriends (sam and lil), my pants don't fit either. I'm down about a size which is great. Mine is not a result of stress or school but lack of money. I'd rather pay my bills and feed my kid than eat. Lunch is over-rated

4) Dental work - If I start talking funny in the next few weeks, I'm having some dental work done. Don't laugh at me..Remember, I cook dinner and dessert for some of you.

I have a few rants I'll post in a bit but I need more coffee. Its the only thing helping the sinus/cough thing that really hurts and I feel like crap.


Face on Fire said...

Hang in there sexy baby! Yeah, we all seem to have the damn sinus thing out here too. B and I are passing it back and forth.

Good news on the new office - congrats! Means your company's doing good usually.

Face on Fire said...

Oh, and congrats on the pants thing! I still think mine's partially because my pants are 4 years old, but still a good thing :-)